LGSTX Services

Team Lead Line Service ILN

Team Lead Line Services

What you will do:  

Functions as a working member of the group and oversees safe, efficient performance of all duties related to fuel handling, aircraft refueling, deicing, lavatory services, ground support services and Ground support equipment.

  • Perform Lead function: Assign and oversee work of others; provide on-the-job training: Provide input on employee performance appraisals; fill in for Supervisor in their absence; function as a part of the work group; assist employees as needed; ensure proper use and handling of company equipment; troubleshoot/resolve mechanical/personnel problems; insure employees follow LGSTX’s rules regulations and procedures.
  • Perform and record quality control checks of all fuels
  • Set-up operation of fuel facility for receiving and dispensing fuel.
  • Contain, clean up and dispose of fuel spills in compliance of SPCC and EPA regulation requirements
  • Service all LGSTX and Customer aircraft and Equipment.
  • Inspect and ensure all fuel trucks, fuel farm, deice facilities and related equipment is working properly, safely and record/report all findings
  • Maintain work areas in a clean safe and orderly manner.
  • Perform other duties as assigned

What do you need:

  • High School diploma or GED required
  • Valid driver’s license
  • 2 years of ATSG type aircraft refueling experience; ability to research and fuel various types of general aviation and business aircraft
  • Must be safety minded; effective organizational, interpersonal, and communicative skills
  • Effective math skills
  • Ability to work with others, ability to maintain good records; general mechanical abilities; truck and/or heavy equipment experience
  • Self-managed
  • Basic Microsoft office abilities
  • Strong knowledge base of aircraft fuel/defuel systems, storage, refueling procedures
  • Knowledge in aircraft de/anti-ice procedures along with deice truck operations
  • Base knowledge of fuel farm operations and maintenance; ability to read operations manuals schematics (LGSTX, ATA-103, NFPA 407 Skymark, Garsite etc. manuals)


Ability to stoop, bend, manipulate tools in small spaces; work in adverse/outdoor weather conditions; wear a respirator/safety PPE equipment as indicated; lift objects up to 65 pounds without assistance; perform work at heights to 80- feet.

PERFERRED QUALIFICATIONS: Fuel handling and fuel quality control experience 1 year as a Lead or Supervisor experience in aviation.