LGSTX Services

Admin Assistant Cargo FT - Nashville, TN

Position:  Admin Assistant - Warehouse/Air Cargo 

Employee Type:  Full-Time 

Required Education:  High School or GED

Schedule:  Various - Must be Flexible         

Location:  Nashville, TN (BNA)


Job Summary:  Verifies, communicates, and performs record keeping on incoming and outgoing aircraft and trucks.


Job Duties and Requirements:

•           Checks in and out trucks and aircraft.

•           Performs audits/checks to ensure that no trucks or trailers are overlooked.

•           Locks and removes trailer safety locks on truck docks.

•           Prepares reports and sends emails on ground cargo and air cargo shipments.

•           Creates and maintains reporting in Microsoft Excel and other software programs.

•           Loads and communicates reports in the FTP Server.

•           Communicates shipment status, delays and issues with the LCS Management Team.

•           May back up Cargo Handlers in the warehouse as necessary.

•           The ability to adapt to changes in the work environment in regard to cargo delays, demands and priorities.

•           The ability to lift up to 30 pounds.

•           Basic to intermediate level Microsoft Office experience and intermediate to Advanced level Excel skills.

•           The ability to learn relevant software needed to perform reporting and record keeping. 

•           Must be comfortable in a warehouse and aircraft ramp work environment.